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European and global fintech companies, investors and everyone interested in the latest financial technology will turn their attention to Lithuania. Peter Cox, Executive Chairman, Contis Group. Financial technology (FinTech) refers to technologically enabled financial innovation that could result in new business models, applications, processes or products with an associated material effect on financial markets and institutions and the provision of financial services. Authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania under the electronic money institution license. Top. The trends confirm the existing potential and ambitions to become an important regional fintech hub. In 2017 only, 35 FinTech companies came to Lithuania – a result of Lithuanian government and Bank of Lithuania simplified procedures for obtaining licences for the activities of e-money and payment institutions. OUR MISSION is to unite FinTech (financial technology) industry participants in Lithuania, help to create favorable conditions for their activities and contribute to Lithuania becoming the attraction center for the industry not only in the Baltic region, but also throughout the European Union. Lithuania – being a relatively deregulated jurisdiction in the EU – strives to become an English language friendly fintech hub in the region. The organization gathers licensed FINTECHs, developers of IT solutions, legal consultants and regulatory compliance experts, traditional banks and other partners who are committed to the development and growth of FINTECH within Lithuania. Fintech companies in Lithuania can access the Single Euro Payment Area with more than 500 million citizens and 20 million businesses. In other EU countries the licencing procedure can take 12 months or longer.

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Primename, kad bendrovės, apie kurias įvesta daugiau naudingos informacijos, rodomos aukščiau įmonių katalogo paieškos rezultatuose. According the information, announced by the Bank of Lithuania on 29th January 2017, about 100. Europe’s first international Blockchain Centre launched in Vilnius in 2018. LBChain is the world’s first blockchain-based sandbox developed by a financial market regulator, the Bank of Lithuania. International Fintech UAB is incorporated in Lithuania (company number 304409766) with a registered office located at Jogailos Str. 4, Vilnius, LT-01116, Lithuania. FINTECH HUB LT Association Home Page. Ataskaitos „The Fintech Landscape in Lithuania 2018“ duomenimis, 2018 m. Finansų technologijos (FINTECH) yra dalis skaitmeninės ekonomikos, kurių pagalba pasaulinis finansinių paslaugų sektorius įgyja naujas galimybes vartotojams pasiūlyti kokybiškesnes ir prieinamesnes finansines paslaugas. According to The Fintech Landscape in Lithuania Report, a number of fintech companies in Lithuania kept on growing and reached 170, in 2018. Per pastaruosius metus šios srities įmonių skaičius šalyje išaugo beveik 43 proc. FinTech Landscape in Lithuania Report for 2018. Here the largest financial technology conference Fintech Inn in Northern Europe and the Baltic States will be held for the. Lithuania has certain invaluable advantages for FinTech startups in the age of evolving bank-FinTech narratives when collaborations and M&A are on the rise.

In Lithuania, we found the most fintech & innovation friendly regulator as well as the most attractive solution to connect to SEPA payment area. After my first visit to Vilnius I just felt that this city is a small version of Silicon Valley and this was absolutely unexpected. Fintech Inn is the largest and most significant international Fintech conference in the Baltic region. It is organised jointly by Lithuania’s Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the Bank of Lithuania, as well as Invest Lithuania. The Fintech ecosystem in Lithuania Presence of Fintech companies in Lithuania There are currently over 170 companies in Lithuania’s Fintech community. The services and products they offer range widely, from payments, investments, and lending through to cybersecurity, API and KYC solutions. Innovation, including the field of finance, is one of the drivers of the economy, creating the largest added value. We will help you to meet all requirements of the Bank of Lithuania and acquire a fintech licence of an electronic money institution, a licence of a payment institution, a licence of a crowdfunding platform or a licence of a peer-to-peer lending platform. Lithuania hopes for new unicorns this year. 2019 was an impressive year for Lithuania’s startup ecosystem as the country had its first tech unicorn – used clothing exchange and sale platform. Papildykite, pakeiskite, panaikinkite įmonės International Fintech, UAB (įmonės kodas 304409766) informaciją, rekvizitus, logotipą, nuotraukas, Jūsų veiklą apibūdinančius raktažodžius. The Largest Fintech Conference in Northern Europe in Lithuania this November. Fintech company or other finance institution registered and licensed in Lithuania provides significant competitive advantage and opens EU/EEA financial market at a significantly lower incorporation and operational costs. Regulators in other member states are not allowed make any barrier or raised additional requirements. The sector expanded by 45% and saw big names in the industry like Revolut and Google receive licences from the Bank of Lithuania. Lietuvoje veikiančių FinTech įmonių skaičius toliau augo ir pasiekė 170.Tokia tendencija patvirtina esantį potencialą ir ambicijas vadintis FinTech centru. Tuo pačiu vertinama, kad Lietuvos potencialas FinTech srityje yra …. The Bank of Lithuania Starts Adding Fintech Companies’ Innovations on the Blockchain. A Network of Fintech Coordinators under the 17 + 1 Cooperation Format between Central and Eastern European Countries and China is Created in Lithuania. Lithuania highly visible on the global Fintech map also becomes the 17 + 1 financial technology coordination centre. FinTech ecosystem. 3 months to get an e-money or payment license (1 week pre-approval). Direct technical access to SEPA via the Bank of Lithuania (for non-banks) and ability to issue your own IBANs via the Bank of Lithuania API are available.; Sandbox environment for FinTech startups during the 1st year, with the focus. Lithuania and fintech – deep freeze, fever or signs of cooling. Puteikis assembling a new political force – sees Janutienė in Seimas, will talk to Guoga Nausėda to demand that the coalition proposal wouldn’t breach financial discipline Lithuanian buyers spent 366m EUR …. DELFI – Remiantis neseniai išleista „Lithuania Fintech Report 2017“ ataskaita, 2017 m. Lietuvoje veikė 117 finansinių technologijų („fintech“) įmonių, 35 iš kurių buvo registruotos pernai. FINTECH HUB LT and law firm Ecovis Proventus Law are currently looking for Interns for the Summer of 2019. WE OFFER an interesting opportunity to work within a group of 26 FinTech companies in Lithuania, learn about different business models and gain valuable expierence. FinTech Week in Lithuania — Record Conference, Summit of Blockchain Hubs and. Next week, the focus of global Fintech companies, investors and people interested in financial technologies will be targeted on Lithuania – the week from 25 to 28 November is announced to be the Fintech week. Just look at how the Bank of Lithuania has streamlined IBAN and SEPA processes to help the Fintech industry thrive. EU-wide recognition of Lithuania’s acceleration in e-government solutions offers a one-stop-shop for public information and services for business, a fast online system for the registration and payment of taxes, allowing the. Lithuania is going full speed ahead at becoming a top fintech hub in Europe after it recently introduced a set of reforms to attract foreign firms. Although the Baltic country has managed to attract new talents in recent years, it is now looking to bring more headquarters and C-level executives with the view of becoming a key fintech decision. In 2004 Lithuania, a small nation of three million people sandwiched between Poland, Latvia and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, joined the European Union. Since then it has been attracting a raft of tech institutions and nurturing some big-money startups. Among them, a significant fintech …. At the same time, the potential of Lithuania’s fintech industry is considered to be higher. ECOVIS professionals advise governmental working groups improving the regulatory environment for finance institutions in Lithuania and focusing it for pan-European needs. ECOVIS ProventusLaw has established the FINTECH HUB LT association together with 6 FinTech enterprises licensed in Lithuania. The fact about Lithuania as one the most favourable and friendly jurisdiction for FinTech companies, planning to offer payment service across the EU is spreading out. 30 electronic money institutions had activity licences issued by the Bank of Lithuania licenses in 2017, as in 2016 there were just 12. The aim of the study programme Financial Technology (FinTech) is to prepare senior and chief specialists in the industry of modern financial technologies who are able to apply the knowledge of financial instruments, advanced information and communication technologies as well as modern research achievements by realising …. For example, startups can obtain an e-money or payment license in just three months (four with preparation stage), which is two to three times faster than in other EU jurisdictions, Invest Lithuania, the official agency for Foreign Direct. The directory of Lithuanian companies. JSC. Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding n.e.c.